Based in Castlemaine, Victoria.

I  was given my first camera at the age of 11, it was the beginning of a great adventure, the beginning of  and a fantastic love affair with light and learning about the world through the lens.
I capture people, performance, environment and nature in all the many facets that life brings.

 emotive nature of an image.
Early on, traveled around the world discovering many cultures and places capturing with photography.
On return Diana worked in the photography industry for 4 years assisting professional photographers.
During and since has done her own photography in: portraiture, events band photography,  weddings, and and followed onto to further her arts practise in education 
I have  Honours level Bachelor in Fine Art RMIT 2007 where her work focused on the human condition through story telling (fairytales and Greek Myths) in portraits and  Diplome of Visual Arts, Swinburne 2003.Where she experimented with different mediums (eg video, sculpture) including photography and explored issues of environment and relationships. 
Diana has ben in group exhibitions and has won a received an high commendation in the Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Awards 2006.  
After an hiatus(after raising her child single handedly) Diana has continued on with her photography work. Since 2016 Diana has been working with Punctum as their photographer documenting their events and performances. 
She also has been documenting and doing the publicity photos for the last two productions for the Castlemaine Theatre Company.

Punctum Arts Organisation
Mt Alexander Shire
Kosmac and Clemens Optometrists
Castlemaine Documentary Film Festival

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